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Around Copan -
Town and ruins


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The Rob Moss Photography Project

Teacher For 3 weeks in January 2005, Margo Moss was in Copán Ruinas, Honduras, organizing and teaching photography skills to 28 enthusiastic students, all of whom live in Copan.

The three groups ranged in age from 7-37 years young. All of the students used disposable cameras to photograph the village of Copan, the Mayan ruins which are located one kilometer from town and some of the nearby attractions, such as the bird park. They learned the basics of composition and light and other skills needed to photograph out of doors. The town library, Biblioteca Pública, organized the groups and the students used the library as a base.

Advert At the end of the course, there was highly successful first of its kind, photo exhibit in the Central Park which was very well attended by the townsfolk as well as tourists visiting the area. This project was the first ever of its kind and the students as well as the townsfolk were very receptive. Margo is very excited about the results of this project and she looks forward to creating more of these kinds of ground breaking projects.

KodakWe would like to thank Kodak for their support of this project.