Margo Moss Photography

Brooklyn Bridge

Photo Trails™

Unique Personalized Guided Walking Photo Tours of NYC and Surrounds

Although each trail may have a different focus, each one teaches the techniques you will need to take back wonderful memories of a day spent in New York City. Meet like minded people and have a great day.

• 2 hour sessions: $125 for the first 2 hour session. Each additional 2 hour session $95.
  For a private 2 hour session add $50.

• 4 hour sessions $195 for the first 4 hour session. Each additional session $150.
  For a private 4 hour session add $75.

• Trails are 2 or 4 hours and usually begin at 10am or 2pm.

• Group sizes are usually no more than 10 individuals.

• Margo can customize any trail for an individual or a group.
  email:, phone: 201-568-5325

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Brooklyn Bridge Focus on New York icons
Ethnic New York Chinatown, Little Italy. Focus on people and architecture.
Lower East Side SoHo, Greenwich Village. Focus on people.
Battery Park and Surrounds Focus on sense of place
Little Red Lighthouse and the GWB Focus on sense of place
Fort Lee Historic Park and Surrounds Focus on icons and action
Cloisters Focus on architecture and angles
Financial District Focus on architecture and people