Margo Moss Photography



3 Guys Lower East Side, NYC

Margo has ongoing classes. Please contact her for the current schedule.

Previous classes developed for the New School appear below.

Classes are tailored for individuals as well as groups. No prior experience is necessary.

Margo was on the faculty of The New School from 1995 to 2011, teaching classes 'in the field' in New York City.

Summer in New York City - Field Photography

A six week course at The New School University, New York City

"Ideally, imaginative and feeling photographers move through their world in a state of alertness and sensitivity. The results are evident in the photographer's final images."

This class explores the intention and various meanings of the above.
We emphasize composition and perspective as a focus in these field experiences.

No prior experience necessary. Point and shoot cameras fine.

Shadows, Textures, Reflections : Seeing the Light in New York City

A six week course at The New School University, New York City

"Shadows" meets for 6 consecutive Saturday sessions. In the final session we will have our final student presentations and 'party'. ( yes, party!) The focus for "Shadows" is 'seeing the light'. We will visit various neighborhoods of New York City with an eye to learning how to use the natural light to our advantage to make our photographs more than just snapshots. Textures and reflections will play a large part in our compositions. In addition we will be emphasizing angles and perspective in our field shoots. And, we shoot, always, with a unique eye on the world: we will be working toward developing our own individual ways of seeing and creating our own individual photo signatures.

Teaching with Margo

Individual student rates: $75 for the first individual private session of 2 hours.
Each additional individual private session of 1 hour following the first session: $50 per hour.

Group rate: Maximum size 6 students. $350 for the first private group session of 2 hours.
Each additional session of one hour following the first session: $275 for the group session.